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Volunteering With PalCare Network

At PalCare Network, volunteers are people from all walks and all ages of life. What our volunteers have in common is the desire to make a valuable contribution to the community by giving of their time and expertise.

Thinking about volunteering?
If you are interested in volunteering but are not sure where to begin, try asking yourself the following questions to determine what kind of volunteer opportunities will suit you best:

  • What kind of time commitment are you willing to make?
  • Are you looking for a regular weekly volunteer commitment or maybe a short-term or one-time opportunity?
  • How many hours are you willing to commit to your volunteer activities?
  • Would you like to volunteer with other people or by yourself?
  • Do you have specific skills or talents you would like to share with our organization?
  • Would you like to develop a specific skill?
  • What are your personal goals? Would you like to re-enter the workforce? Meet new people?

The answers to these questions will offer a good start in determining your volunteer expectations. And, at PalCare Network, we have a variety of opportunities to suit a range of volunteer needs. Some volunteers give just one hour of time each week; others devote many hours. Some volunteers are involved in one-time events, as well as ongoing commitments. Some choose to volunteer out in the community whereas others make their contributions from our offices. Volunteers can work alone or with others, do hands-on work or volunteer at an administrative or leadership level.

You can make a difference to individuals living with life-threatening illnesses and their families throughout York Region.  Your contribution enables PalCare Network to provide the most current education in palliative care to more members of the community, ensuring people live with support and dignity to the end.

Together, we will alleviate pain and sorrow and provide the best possible quality of life for terminally ill people and their families. 

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